Public Records Requests

Procedure for Public Records Requests

The City Clerk will coordinate public records requests through the Records Management section of the City Clerk's Office. The Public Records Request Form is intended for standard requests that are easily accessed or routine in nature.

Examples of information that may expedite the process are:
  • Name or title of document (i.e., Plot Plan No. 100)
  • The address or property location
  • Developer name
  • Date of public hearing or City Council approval / denial if applicable
Please Note: Requests that are too general in nature (i.e., all files relating to...) may result in a delay, pending further identification of the records.

Records requested under the provisions of the Public Records Act may require the staff's careful examination to ensure that the documentation provided is complete. Once a request is received, the California Records Request Act allows a period of 10 calendar days to assemble records for review, or to provide a written response to the public request.

View the Request for Public Records Form.