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Menifee Matters Newsletter - Fall 2015

Menifee Matters - Fall 2015
Change is in the air as summer fades to fall. Along with the change of seasons, Menifee residents will also notice big things happening all around the city. Multiple retail and infrastructure projects are under way, with more construction beginning in the coming months (see pages 5 and 6).

Spirit Park is opening in December 2015, featuring new sports facilities and space to host special gatherings (see page 14 for rental details). This fall, the city’s Community Services Department is offering a full schedule of events, classes and activities for all ages (see page 9).

We’re busy building “Community” in Menifee and are proud you are part of it – we hope to see you at one of our events or activities!

Menifee Matters Newsletter - Summer 2015
Menifee Matters - Summer 2015
The excitement and momentum of a growing, changing city continues to build in Menifee. Multiple projects bringing new stores, restaurants and businesses to Menifee are under construction with many more in the queue.

The I-215 / Newport Road Interchange Project is finally under construction! Residents and visitors will notice nighttime work Sunday nights through Friday mornings with possible lane closures on I-215, on- and off-ramps and Newport Road. Motorists are asked to check the Construction Update page on the city's website for road closure information and plan ahead to avoid the area if possible. As always, practice patience and drive with caution in construction zones.

Changes in the city's Community Services Department will provide the city with more flexibility and resources to offer high-quality programming, special events and facilities management for Menifee residents. The department now oversees program management for preschool classes, camps, after school programs and senior center activities, in addition to special events. Residents are now able to register online for any fee-based class or camp using the city's new online registration program found on the Community Services Department's Web page.

As we roll into the lazy days of summer, we invite you to visit one of your many parks, mingle with neighbors and friends at a special event, or pack a picnic for a movie under the stars.

Menifee Matters Newsletter - Winter/Spring 2015
Menifee Matters - Winter-Spring 2015
Beginning with Commerce Pointe Menifee, the city’s first business/light industrial park which broke ground in January, the community will see construction on multiple developments and infrastructure projects this year (see pages 5 and 8). Additional projects include retail centers, Krikorian Premiere Theatres and the long-awaited Interstate 215 / Newport Road Interchange.With more restaurants, retail outlets and businesses coming to Menifee,residents have more choices to shop locally, additional job opportunities are created, and Menifee’s sales tax revenues increase. The income Menifee receives from sales tax revenue is used for important city services such as public safety, animal services, parks maintenance and community services. In fact, Menifee was able to use increased sales tax revenue income to add three additional police officers to its force this fiscal year. 
Menifee Matters Spring 2015
In other news, the Community Services Department began work on Menifee’s Parks, Trails, Open Space and Recreation Master Plan (PTOSRMP). Community feedback will play a huge part in the success of this plan that will ultimately serve as a guide to manage the city’s parks and trails in the future (see the story on page 6). Speaking of parks, playgrounds at three parks were resurfaced in January as part of the city’s efforts to revitalize neighborhood parks. New rubberized surfacing provides a safer area for play at Lazy Creek, Nova and E.L. Pete Peterson parks. One of our top priorities at the city is to continue improving our residents’ quality of life. We’re off to a great start this year with multiple projects and future planning, and we look forward to keeping you up-to-date on all city happenings.
Menifee Matters Newsletter - Fall 2014
Menifee Matters - Fall 2014
After a fun Summer enjoying Menifee's many activities (the city's Movies in the Park events were a huge success!), seasonal change is now in the air. If you feel like there's activity buzzing all around town, you're right!

New projects are coming weekly to City Hall for review and more and more businesses, restaurants and amenities are interested in doing business here. We're even welcoming a new, locally owned microbrewery to Menifee in early 2015.

If you wonder what else is coming to Menifee, you'll notice new colorful "Building our Future" signs popping up all over town to announce new developments and future amenities (see page 5). Motorists will also see new Menifee Moving construction signs on Newport Road announcing details about the start of the Interstate 215/Newport Road Interchange pre-construction project (see page 8).
Menifee is recognized as California's sixth, and Southern California's second, fastest-growing city. Quality housing, a business-friendly city, investment in infrastructure to improve traffic flow, acres of rural character and charm and an engaged, family-oriented community are only some of the reasons people love to call Menifee home.
Menifee Matters Newsletter - Summer 2014
Menifee Matters - Summer 2014
Menifee celebrated the Audie Murphy Ranch Sports Park grand opening over Memorial Day weekend – just in time for the first barbecues of the season. The ceremony included a tribute to Audie Murphy, America’s most highly decorated World War II veteran, whose former horse ranch is the site of Menifee’s newest park.

The 11-acre park features shaded picnic and barbecue areas, basketball courts, a baseball and soccer field and a children’s play area and tot lot. At the park’s east end, Menifee’s first skate park opened to a crowd of anxious and excited skaters and scooter riders. They tried out the park’s jumps, ramps, rails and 2 concrete bowls for the first time, and the general consensus was “a BIG” thumbs up.
The grand opening was a great success and we’re looking forward to many more community celebrations in Menifee’s newest park.

In other news, a movie theater is coming to town! The city’s Economic Development team recently announced that Krikorian Premiere Theatres plans to build a 12-screen theater, sports bar/restaurant and bowling alley in the Menifee Town Center on Newport at Town Center Drive. Construction is expected to begin later this year (read more on page 5).

Speaking of construction, the Newport Road widening and the Menifee “missing link” projects are both completed.

Preliminary work is underway for the Interstate 215/Newport Road interchange project and the city announced preliminary design work starting on 2 more Menifee Moving projects (see page 8 for details).
All of these projects and events are creating a growing buzz around town. To keep up with Menifee’s happenings, stay connected using the city’s social media pages – and – and sign up on the city’s website to receive Menifee e-news, the city’s electronic newsletter, in your inbox.

Better yet, connect in person. Summer is the perfect time to visit neighbors and friends at city sponsored events, like the Independence Day celebration or Movies in the Park (see page 10 and back cover for event information). The City of Menifee will be at these events, so look for our booth and come chat with us.
Menifee Matters Newsletter - Winter 2014
Menifee Matters - Winter 2014
The Menifee Oak Tree, pictured on the front cover, was planted this past December in the Menifee TownCenter (currently under construction).

As community leaders looked on, the 80-year-old California Live Oak was hoisted by crane into its new home and its place in Menifee history. This majestic Menifee Oak Tree acknowledges the city’s agricultural heritage while standing as a symbol of this new city’s strength and growth.

The tree’s highly visible location in the middle of what will be Town Center Drive designates a future gathering place for the Menifee community.
With our roots planted, literally and figuratively, 2014 is shaping up to be a year of community building. We’re welcoming new restaurants and retail businesses, evaluating multiple proposals to bring developments and amenities to our city, and starting and finishing major “Menifee Moving” road infrastructure projects.

The City Council recently passed the General Plan and implementation is underway, providing structure with guidelines and ordinances to carry out the vision that Menifee’s community leaders have created.

New parks will open in 2014 under the leadership of the new Community Services Director, who will join the city’s team later this spring. Menifee’s new and existing parks are community gathering places for events, classes and family fun. Check outpages 10-11 to get involved.

Planting the Menifee Oak Tree is just the beginning. There’s a buzz in the air and as you look around town,we’re certain you’ll feel it.
Menifee Matters Newsletter - Fall 2013
Menifee Matters - Fall 2013
Menifee Moving construction projects, the General Plan and community events are the topics of discussionaround town this fall.

The city started work on the Newport Road widening project in August, the first of 7 projects included in the ambitious Menifee Moving Capital Improvement Program. The Newport Road widening project is expected to be completed in December, in time for the Newport Road/Interstate 215interchange project to begin early next year. The Menifee Road “missing link” also is under construction and will provide a continuous north/south thoroughfare east of Interstate 215.
Read more about these traffic congestion relief projects on pages 8-9 and visit the new Menifee Moving Construction Update web pages on the city’s website, for more details.

The General Plan, which will be reviewed by the Menifee Planning Commission and considered by City Council members this fall, is the city’s blueprint for the future. It was created based on community input with the intent to provide guidance for future decisions about Menifee’s growth. Seethe story on page 6 for details.

From the city’s Birthday Bash to the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, community events are in full swing this season. Join your friends and come celebrate with us.
Menifee Matters Newsletter - Summer 2013
Menifee Matters - Summer 2013
Welcome to summer! In this second issue of Menifee Matters, you’ll get a close-up look at how we’re planning and preparing for Menifee’s future as a vibrant, fiscally secure city that values a strong sense of community.

While we continue to welcome new residents and families, we are actively preparing Menifee’s infrastructure for growth. In addition to improving traffic circulation, adding parks, and creating recreation programming, we look forward to attracting new businesses, retail outlets and amenities for our community to enjoy. This issue of Menifee Matters highlights the city’s 5-year Capital Improvement Plan, which features 7 large traffic congestion relief projects. 
Construction on these projects is slated to begin this summer – with the goal of completing all 7projects within 5 years.

We’re also wrapping up work on the city’s General Plan. This document will be used as the road map to guide future decisions about the look and feel of our city.
Menifee Matters Newsletter - Winter 2013
Menifee Matters - Inaugural Edition - Winter 2013
The inaugural edition of Menifee Matters, the city’s new community news and activity guide, is set to land in residents’ mailboxes this week.

The 16-page newsletter features stories about city news, economic development, construction projects and city improvements. It also includes parks and recreation information, as well as class listings and activities for the Menifee senior community. The special events pages feature city-sponsored events and activities through the end of June 2013, such as the upcoming Spring Festival in La Ladera Park.
“We’re excited to introduce Menifee Matters, our new city newsletter, to the community,” said Interim City Manager Rob Johnson. “Our city government is doing great work and we have many things to offer our community. Menifee Matters is 1 way we are reaching out to share this information.”

Menifee Matters is being mailed to residents in zip codes 92584, 92585, and 92586. Copies of Menifee Matters will also be available at City Hall, the senior and recreation centers, library, and other places in the community.

For more information contact Economic Development Analyst Brian Oulman at 951-672-6777 or email.