Senior Advisory Committee

Mission Statement:

The Senior Advisory Committee (SAC) serves as an advisory committee for the City Council of Menifee, CA in all policy matters pertaining to the senior residents of Menifee.

The City Council reviews recommendations made by SAC after reviewing proposals for programs, projects and facilities as they pertain to and enhance the quality of senior living.

Our mission is to advise the City Council on programs, public services, information, and referrals to aid and assist our senior citizens, and seniors with disabilities, fifty-five (55) years of age or older with physical, mental and recreational needs.

The committee will engage and encourage seniors to establish and maintain a healthy and creative lifestyle that will afford them the opportunity to become active in their community.

The Senior Advisory Committee promotes public service and community involvement, with, for and by Seniors, review proposals for programs, projects and facilities as they pertain to seniors; promote senior involvement in community events, programs, or volunteer projects; and act in an advisory capacity to the City Council in all other policy matters pertaining to seniors.


  • Monthly (4th Tuesday of every month)


  • 5 members


  • Established By: Resolution No. 14-362
  • Amended By: Resolution No. 16-578
  • Term of Office: Each Committee Member shall serve at the pleasure of his/her appointing City Council member, for the same term as that council member and until the committee member’s successor is appointed and qualifies. At the first City Council meeting in January following each regular municipal election, each City Council member shall make his/her committee member appointment. There is not a limit on the number of terms a Senior Advisory Committee member may serve.
  • Qualifications: Each committee member shall reside within the City of Menifee and shall be 55 years of age or older.
  • Staff Liaison: Jason Hendrix, Community Services Supervisor

Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Current Committee Members

Committee Vice Chair Ken Woytek
Appointed by Mayor Pro-Tem Greg August  (District 1)
Committee Member Angela Wojtkowski
Appointed by Councilman Matt Liesemeyer  (District 2)
Committee Member Helen Alexander
Appointed by Councilwoman Lesa Sobek  (District 3)
Committee Member Anne-Marie Novack
Appointed by Councilman John Denver  (District 4)
Committee Chair Gloria Sanchez
Appointed by Mayor Neil R. Winter (Citywide)

Committee Member Ruth Goulet
Committee Member Darrell Thompson
At Large