Public Works

The city's Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance and operation of all city-owned facilities.

These facilities include:
  • Publicly maintained streets
  • Street lights
  • Some drainage facilities
Traffic signals
Newport Road Widening
Draft initial study and negative declaration for proposed widening of Newport Road and Menifee Road.

Rubberized Pavement Grant Program
The Newport Widening Project completed April 2014 was funded in part through the State of California CalRecycle 2012/13 Rubberized Pavement Grant Program. 

By participating in the Rubberized Pavement Grant Program City was able to use approximately 2,969.25 tons of recycled tire material to resurface Newport Road. Included within the many benefits of using recycled tire material are extended longevity of street, and reduction of vehicular noise.
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McCall Sidewalk Improvements
Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative DeclarationMcCall Blvd Sidewalk Improvements, CIP# 13-15

Traffic Engineering
Traffic Engineering is part of the of the Public Works Department.

Traffic Engineering responsibilities include responding to citizen complaints, overseeing the operations of the traffic signal system, interfacing with the Sheriff's Department and school districts as it relates to traffic enforcement and safety.

The Traffic Engineer evaluates requests and provides direction to maintenance staff for upgrades to the signing and striping needs throughout the city. Traffic Control Device Request Form

Water & Sewer
The water and sewer system in Menifee is owned and operated by the Eastern Municipal Water District. For emergencies with either the water or sewer system, or to report leaks or spills, please call 800-698-0400.

Storm Drains
Large storm drainage devices greater than 36" in diameter and open channels are operated and maintained by the Riverside County Flood Control District.

For flooding emergencies, please call City Hall Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If the emergency is after hours, call 911 if you are in imminent danger, and they will appropriately route the call.

Street Sweeping