Newport Road Widening/Resurfacing West Project

The Newport Road Widening

Newport Road Widening (Haun Road to Bradley Road) (CIP 15-04)

The work generally consists of roadway widening, restriping, median construction, signal construction, electrical work, landscaping and irrigation. The project is anticipated to do the following: grading to construct new AC pavement, 0”-2” edge grind, 2” Asphalt rubber Hot Mix (ARHM) overlay, crack filling, striping, detection loop replacement, traffic signals, street lights, striping, adjusting existing manholes and valves to grade, water lateral installation, storm drain installation, landscaping and irrigation. Concrete work will include curb and gutter, raised medians, ADA ramp replacements.

Newport Road Resurfacing (Bradley Road to Murrieta Road) (PMP 16-01)

The work generally consists of: The street rehabilitation is anticipated to employ 0”-2” edge grind and overlay with 2” rubberized asphalt concrete, crack filling, striping, detection loop replacement, installation of new bicycle loop detection, adjusting existing manholes and valves to grade and re-striping. Concrete repair work will include ADA ramp replacements, curb repairs, and cross gutter replacements.

Current Construction Alert


(951) 723-3888

Construction Completion:

Spring 2017

Contractor Phase 1:

R.J. Noble

Contractor Phase 2:

Vance Corporation

Total Project Cost:

$4.2 million (Two Phases)

Funding Partners:

                                 Regent Properties Developer Fees (Phase 2)
                                 *Not supported by the General Fund or Measure DD

Project Contact:

Carlos Geronimo, CIP Engineer at (951) 672-6777