Salt Creek Trail Connectivity & Maintenance Feasibility Study

The Salt Creek Trail, a 16-mile east-west recreational pathway that connects Goetz Road in the City of Menifee to State Street in the City of Hemet, has been identified as one of five essential trails in Riverside County’s General Plan and part of the Regional Backbone Network of trails in the County Parks District’s Comprehensive Trails Plan.

The Project’s objectives are to provide a recreational trail within the City of Menifee that would:

  • Implement the General Plan Circulation Element;
  • Provide a corridor for alternative modes of transportation;
  • Improve safety by decreasing bicycle and pedestrian fatalities;
  • Improve air quality;
  • Reduce congestion on local and regional highways;
  • Strategically close trail system gaps.

The Salt Creek Trail Extension is needed because the City of Menifee currently has limited active modes of transportation to schools, retail, jobs, and recreational amenities thereby increasing automotive dependency and Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT), while reducing opportunities for those who do not drive or do not have access to a car including children, the elderly, the disadvantaged, and persons with disabilities.

The objective of this study is to assess the feasibility of various alignment alternatives between Antelope Road and Menifee Road as they relate to environmental impacts, right of way, and overall cost.

Project Location

 Please use the links below to view the final draft of the Feasibility Study for the Connectivity & Maintenance of the Salt Creek Trail.