Financial Reports

Operating Budget

The Operating Budget is developed after a considerable review process. Departmental budget submittals are prepared and reviewed by line-item in connection with projected revenues and detailed performance objectives. Revenue and expenditure projections are developed to identify the future impacts of proposed staffing and program changes as well as the impact of proposed capital improvement projects.

The resulting document is a conservative, balanced budget that provides for quality services while effectively utilizing available resources.

Gann Limit

At its regularly scheduled meeting on June 21, 2023, the Menifee City Council will consider establishing the fiscal year 2023/24 appropriation limit (Gann Limit). Below is the documentation used in the determination of the appropriations limit and other necessary determinations.

The appropriations limitation imposed by the state, otherwise known as the Gann Limit, creates a restriction on the amount of revenue that can be appropriated (revenue that can be legally spent) in any fiscal year. The basis for calculating the limit began in fiscal year 1978/79 and is increased based on population growth and inflation. Menifee’s Gann Limit Calculation began the first full year of operation (FY2009/10). The appropriation limit applies only to those revenues defined as proceeds of taxes.

FY2023/24 Gann Limit Calculation Notice

FY2023/24 & FY2024/25 Adopted BudgetCity of Menifee Adopted Budget for Fiscal Years 23/24 and 24/25