Menifee Veterans Memorial

The Menifee Veterans Memorial will serve as a lasting tribute to the past, present, and future veterans of the United States Military who have provided unselfish and honorable dedication and service to our country.

The Menifee Veterans Memorial logo was designed to reflect the “respectful” emotion of this project in a professional presentation and still maintain multiple media usage.

Wheatfield Park is the home to the Memorial on a space of parkland dedicated and donated by the Valley-Wide Recreation and Park District.

The focal point of the Memorial is the 5-sided star representing the 5 branches of the US Military. Benches and planters will surround the star to offer a reflective and quiet place.

This beautifully designed memorial will be a place for family and community members to gather to remember those that gave their lives in service to protect our freedom.

Names of loved ones will be etched into the granite face of each side of the star, which will stand approximately 5-1/2 feet high. Each side will be uplift to proudly display serviceman's names.

Buy-A-Brick Program

Community members and businesses now have an opportunity to purchase a brick ($75 each) in the Memorial and have a loved one's name, family name, business, or organization's name etched into the Memorial grounds. 

For more information, please see the following order form:
Menifee Veterans Memorial - Buy-A-Brick Program

Veterans Memorial Logo


Veterans Memorial Conceptual Drawing

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