Police Volunteer Program

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and Menifee Police Department are currently looking for volunteers to help with various assignments. We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities available and are looking for motivated individuals to fill these positions.

Perris Station Volunteers
Staffing outages and furloughs have created a need for volunteers at the Perris Station. Without support from our community many of these tasks go unfinished making it difficult for us to complete our mission. Volunteer opportunities include:
  • Filing, data entry and receptionist duties
  • Fleet and patrol equipment maintenance
  • Opportunities with Investigations, Traffic, and the Dive Team
For more information on volunteering at the Perris Station please call 951-210-1000.

Volunteer Crime Watch
The Menifee Crime Watch (previously Sun City Crime Watch) plays a vital role within the Menifee Police Department. Menifee Crime Watch performs high-visibility patrols and fulfills request for house checks when residents are on vacation.

Our Crime Watch volunteers patrol in 3 hour increments from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday, mainly in the Sun City core area and Quail Valley.

Additional volunteer opportunities are available to assist at DUI checkpoints, community events, and crime scene and traffic collision response.

This is a very dedicated group of individuals who want to make a difference in their community. Because they help reduce crime by being the eyes and ears for the department, their time giving back to their community is well spent and greatly appreciated.

For more information on volunteering please call 951-210-1000.