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Menifee Matters - Summer 2020

We understand COVID-19 has deeply impacted our community. We also know our community is strong and resilient. We continue to grow at a healthy rate, as evidenced by the State of California’s data showing that the City of Menifee’s 2020 population has increased 2.5 percent to 97,093 residents since last year, making Menifee the 7th fastest-growing City in southern California and 12th in the state. We are attracting new residents because our community, despite the current challenges the world is facing, is a thriving, supportive and dynamic place to live. I am confident we will come out of this pandemic even stronger than before, as Menifee is a community that has united to support each other and has proven that we are stronger together.

I have never been more impressed with our residents and City staff. The Menifee community has supported each other with meal deliveries for seniors (page 3), special operating hours from stores to support the most vulnerable, programs to support local restaurants and support services for small businesses (pages 4-5), and creative ways to bring people together online (pages 16-19).

As we shift our efforts toward recovery, your health and safety remain our top priorities. As such, our virtual city hall will remain open for conducting City business for permits and inspections as we prepare for re-opening City Hall and City facilities and amenities in a safe and responsible manner for our residents and city employees. (page 3). We want to ensure our residents know that City Hall is and has been open for business. Our internal procedures have adapted to all public health orders, including observing social distancing, wearing masks and utilizing teleconferencing and technology to keep our employees and partners safe.

Although COVID-19 has presented challenges to the formation of the Menifee Police Department, we are thrilled to introduce you to our new Police Department, opening July 1, 2020 (pages 6-7). This is a monumental time for the City of Menifee, and we could not be more proud of the team and department that has been put together for the Menifee community. We would like to assure you that the department is currently focused on training methods that incorporate public health standards, ensuring the team is prepared to assist the Menifee community in reopening and recovery following the statewide COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. This commitment is top of mind in our planning efforts for the start of the Police Department’s service. We hope you join us in giving our new officers a warm Menifee welcome.

In this issue, we wanted to provide you with exciting information related to public safety, infrastructure, parks and services that are being enhanced during a time when we are grappling with a pandemic and negative news. We are committed, through your support to continue.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to say thank you to our community. Our residents have been supportive in our efforts to keep Menifee healthy for people and businesses, and for that, we must share our gratitude. We are well-poised for recovery and look forward to better times ahead.