Land Use Element LU-1: General Land Use

General Land Use


  • LU-1: Land uses and building types that result in a community where residents at all stages of life, employers, workers, and visitors have a diversity of options of where they can live, work, shop, and recreate within Menifee.


  • LU-1.1: Concentrate growth in strategic locations to help preserve rural areas, create place and identity, provide infrastructure efficiently, and foster the use of transit options.
  • LU-1.2: Provide a spectrum of housing types and price ranges that match the jobs in the city and make it possible for people to live and work in Menifee and maintain a high quality of life.
  • LU-1.3: Develop senior housing in neighborhoods that are accessible to public transit, commercial services, and health and community facilities.
  • LU-1.4: Preserve, protect, and enhance established rural, estate, and residential neighborhoods by providing sensitive and well-designed transitions (building design, landscape, etc.) between these neighborhoods and adjoining areas.
  • LU-1.5: Support development and land use patterns, where appropriate, that reduce reliance on the automobile and capitalize on multimodal transportation opportunities.
  • LU-1.6: Coordinate land use, infrastructure, and transportation planning and analysis with regional, county, and other local agencies to further regional and subregional goals for jobs-housing balance.
  • LU-1.7: Ensure neighborhood amenities and public facilities (natural open space areas, parks, libraries, schools, trails, etc.) are distributed equitably throughout the city.
  • LU-1.8: Ensure new development is carefully designed to avoid or incorporate natural features, including washes, creeks, and hillsides.
  • LU-1.9: Allow for flexible development standards provided that the potential benefits and merit of projects can be balanced with potential impacts.
  • LU-1.10: Buffer sensitive land uses, such as residences, schools, care facilities, and recreation areas from major air pollutant emission sources, including freeways, manufacturing, hazardous materials storage, and similar uses.

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