Existing Public Park Regulations & Facilities

Ordinance Number 2014-146 - Regulations for the use of public parks

Residents can enjoy public park amenities located throughout the city.


For details on park shelter and field reservations, please click


Map of Parks 2018

The following 9 city-owned park sites and/or facilities are available for use:

Park Name
Address Acreage Park Map
Audie Murphy Ranch Sports Park
30376 Lone Pine Drive
11.29 Map and Pictures
E.L. Peterson Park
29621 Park City Avenue
4.81 Map and Pictures
Kay Ceniceros Senior Center
29995 Evans Road
1.45 Map and Pictures
La Ladera Park
29629 La Ladera Road
8.30 Map and Pictures
Lazy Creek Park and Recreation Center
26480 Lazy Creek Road
3.40 Map and Pictures
Lyle Marsh Park
27050 School Park Drive
6.07 Map and Pictures
Nova Park
25444 Nova Lane
3.35 Map and Pictures
Rancho Ramona Park
28050 Encanto Drive
1.87 Map and Pictures
Spirit Park

25507 Normandy Road

8.78 Map and Pictures
Mayfield Park 26410 Rim Creek Path 2.54 Coming Soon
Hidden Hills Park Coming Soon 5.18 Coming Soon
Silver Star Park Coming Soon 3.42 Coming Soon
Creek View Park Coming Soon 2.56 Coming Soon
Central Park Coming Soon 5.0 Coming Soon

The following 20 Valley-wide owned park sites within the City of Menifee are available for use.

Park Name
Address Acreage
Aldergate Park
Menifee Road and Aldergate Drive
Autumn Breeze Park
Autumn Lane and Corderro Lane
Desert Green Park
Painted Desert Drive and Desert Terrace Drive
Discovery Park
Heritage Lake Drive and Calm Horizon Drive
El Dorado Park
Trailhead Drive and Lindenberger Road
El Dorado Pocket Park
Rustic Glen Street and Longleaf St.
Eller Park
Highway 74 and Antelope Road
Grand Vista Park (Richmond Park)
Grand Vista Ave. and Promenade Road
Heritage Park
Heritge Lake Drive and McCall Blvd.
Hidden Meadows Park
Highland Curt
La Paloma Park
Menifee Road and Bayport Lane
Mahogany Creek Park Garden Grove Drive and Park Trail Way 3.36
Marion V. Ashley Park and Community Center
25625 Briggs Road
McCall Canyon Park
Brantley Court and Crestwood St.
Wheatfield Park and Menifee Gym and Community Center
Menifee Road and La Piedra Lane
Menifee South Tot Lot
Feather Creek and Eickhoff Drive
Mira Park
Mira St. and Wickerd Road
Pepita Square Park
Camino Pepita Drive and Camino Cristal
Rolling Hills Park
Pacific Bluff St.
Sunrise Park
Simpson Road and Lindenberger Road
Lago Vista Holland Road and Menifee Road 15.92
 For additional information on these park sites visit  Valley-wide’s website.