Parks, Recreation & Trails Commission


  • Monthly (1st Thursday of every month)


  • 5 members


The Parks, Recreation, and Trails Commission is an appointed body of citizens that makes recommendations on policies and procedures to the City Council for the operation, use and management of all recreation activities, facilities, parks, parkways, open space and trails; assists staff in drafting and submitting an annual budget for park and recreation activities, including a long range capital improvement program; reviews joint use agreements for park and recreational facilities with the county, school district and other persons, organizations and agencies; recommend policies to the City Council for the acquisition, development and improvement of city parks and recreational facilities; reviews and make recommendations to the City Council regarding fees and charges for park and recreation services and the use of facilities; assists in the development of the city’s parks, trails, open space, and recreation master plan; and perform such other duties and undertake studies, as requested by the City Council.

  • Established By:Ordinance No. 2014-143
  • Amended By: Resolution No. 18-669 - Time, Date, Location of PRTC Meetings
  • Term of Office: Each Parks, Recreation, and Trails Commissioner shall serve at the pleasure of his/her appointing City Council member, for the same term as that council member and until the Parks, Recreation, and Trails Commissioner’s successor is appointed and qualifies.
  • Qualifications: Each Parks, Recreation, and Trails Commissioner must be a current city resident and registered voter of the city and cannot be a member of another city commission, a city officer or a city employee.
  • Commission Clerk: Mariana Mitchell, Community Services Manager

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Current Commissioners

Vacant - Accepting Applications
Appointment by Mayor Pro Tem Bob Karwin  (District 1)

Commissioner, Laz Peterson
Appointed by Councilmember Ricky Estrada (District 2)
Vice Chair, David Foust
Appointed by Councilmember Lesa Sobek  (District 3)
Commissioner, Tierra Bowen
Appointed by Councilmember Dean Deines  (District 4)
Chair, Bill Ackerman
Appointed by Mayor Bill Zimmerman (Citywide)