Building & Safety Staff Directory

Craig Carlson Building Official Email 951-723-3729
Kevin Rugg Building Supervisor Email 951-723-1730
Bernice Watts Permit Services Coordinator Email 951-723-3732
Todd Bilo Plans Examiner II Email 951-723-3731
Gloria Alvarez Plans Examiner II Email 951-723-3735
Eric Garcia Senior Building Inspector Email 951-723-3878
Dustin Leonard Building Inspector II Email 951-723-3749
Antonio Rodriguez  Building Inspector Email 951-723-3760
Rocky Meyer Building Inspector Email 951-723-3854
Roberto Hernandez Building Inspector 951-723-1745
Paradise Winters Building Permit Technician Email 951-723-3748
Cristina Hernandez Building Permit Technician Email 951-723-3877
Marshawno Gauff Building Permit Technician Email 951-723-3779
Candi Mayhugh Office Specialist II Email 951-723-3782

Service Counter Hours

Our friendly counter staff is available to assist you:
 Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm  
 Please contact City Hall at 951-672-6777 to set up an appointment or click the Schedule an Appointment In Person button below.