Design Standards

Menifee Parks and Landscape Standards provide design and construction guidelines for Menifee’s Parks' facilities, parkways and open space areas. These standardized requirements have proved successful during the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of Menifee facilities.

These Standards are intended as a library of options for individual park design conditions. In certain situations additions, deletions or deviations may be acceptable if approved by the Community Services Director during the design review process.

The Consultant/Developer shall verify that contract documents and/or working drawings reflect use of the most current Standards. Documents are updated regularly. It is important to refer to this site at the start of each project. Do not carry over this information from one project to the next.

The following documents are PDF files for download.

 Design Standards

 ORDINANCE NO. 2015-167 

The following documents shall be used for information purposes only. They include typical guidelines and practices to be read and implemented by the Consultant during the design process.

These documents include park site and building design guidelines and items such as site furnishings options, with attached options images. They shall be used as the basis for formulation of additional design work and the preparation of the associated technical specifications.

Park Development Guidelines
Landscape Standards     
Trails Cross Sections