Meni-Trees: Leafing the Way

In 2012-13 the City of Menifee received a grant from the State of California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection/CalFire under the department's Urban & Community Forestry: “Leafing Out” Grant Program, a program meant to initiate or advance early stage urban forestry programs or projects.

Understanding the importance of urban forestry and the many benefits of trees to a community, the City's main goals and objectives with the "Leafing Out" Grant received include:

  • Establishing a Tree Preservation Ordinance within the City's municipal code
  • Increase community awareness and participation in the promoting the importance of urban forestry
  • Increasing tree (urban forestry) in community parks
On February 2015, the City completed the "Meni-Trees: Leafing the Way" Project to achieve these goals. The project included the development/adoption of a Tree Preservation Ordinance, Tree Planting at Lyle Marsh Park and E.L. Pete Peterson Park, and tree education/tree saplings give away at the annual Spring Fest event.

Spring Trees: Planting Trees at Lyle Marsh Park & E.L. Pete Peterson Park (March 21, 2015)

Spring Fest: Tree Education/Outreach & Tree Sapling Giveaway (March 28, 2015)