Emergency Management

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Emergency Management

The mission of the Emergency Management program is to implement, monitor, and coordinate the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in support of the city, public safety, and emergency readiness responsibilities. The program also provides overall coordination and training and monitors the operational readiness within various sections of the emergency management organizational structure. The program promotes increased preparedness in order to respond to disasters.

Emergency Operations Center

The City of Menifee EOC’s principal function is information and resource management to protect lives, property, the environment and to promote public safety. The EOC coordinates resource support for fire, police, public works, and other response agencies; and coordinates general public emergency notifications, evacuations and sheltering.

Organization and Staffing

The EOC is only activated and staffed for large-scale emergency incidents. Smaller-scale incidents are handled directly by the appropriate response agency. When activated, the EOC is staffed from various city departments and lead by the EOC Director, Menifee’s City Manager or designee. Menifee’s EOC is organized per the National Incident Management System, California’s Standardized Emergency Management System, and Incident Command System (ICS) guidelines.


There are multiple plans that ensure the safety of our residents. Below are a few examples of our plans pertaining to Emergency Management. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions with regards to the City's EOP or LHMP, please email Vanessa Barrera at vbarrera@cityofmenifee.us.

  • Emergency Operations Plan (EOP): The EOP outlines the City of Menifee’s planned deployment, mobilization, and tactual operations in response to extraordinary emergency situations associated with natural disasters, technological incidents, and national security emergencies in or affecting the City of Menifee.
  • Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP): The purpose of the LHMP is to identify local hazards, review and assess past disaster occurrences, estimate the probability of future occurrences, and set goals to mitigate potential risks (to reduce or eliminate long- term risk) to people and property from natural and man-made hazards.

Downloadable Resource Lists


The City of Menifee has an active Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). To learn more about our CERT program including CERT recorded presentations and trainings, please visit our CERT Page

Contact Information

For more information on Emergency Management, please contact:

Vanessa Barrera, Emergency Management Analyst
Phone: 951-723-3771
Email: vbarrera@cityofmenifee.us 

Robert Cardenas, Deputy Human Resources Director 
Email: rcardenas@cityofmenifee.us