Tips on Cybersecurity

Information Technology Cybersecurity Talk - Feb. 24, 2022

Digital Footprint Protections

Sharing tips to help protect ourselves

-  What digital security experts wish you knew about data privacy


Online Behavioral Advertising

 - Interest Based Advertising

 - Predicts your interests and displays targeted advertising based on the data collected about you

 - Information and privacy tool:

                  - Association of National Advertisers:
                  - Privacy Tool – Ghostery:

Optout of advertising services

- Network Advertising initiative:

- Digital Advertising Alliance:

      - Applies to Mobile Apps as well


Data Brokers

- Collect and sell information about you

- If the system is “free

             YOU are the product being sold


Data Brokers

How to opt out

       - May not be 100% effective

       - May take time and/or multiple requests

Primary Data Broker Opt Out Method
Via the email and you can provide them with documentation
to optout available at URL
Oracle Data Cloud
Epsilon 1- Email; or
2- Call 1-888-780-3869; or,
3- Send email to Epsilon, P.O. Box 1478, Broomfield, CO 80036
Data and Marketing Choice (Please note that DMA is now
charging a $2 fee to register online. if you do not wish to pay $2, you can use the
Direct Mail
E-Bureau for Opting Out will now route
you to TransUnion's Opt Out link. It should be noted that older Opt Out guidance lists Opting Out of E-Bureau so simply Opt Out through TransUnion.
Opt Out Prescreen
TransUnion consumer

Mobile Devices

- Your phone tells a lot about you

- Protecting your privacy

Platform  Technology Privacy Advice
Apple Location Settings
Apple Limit Ad Tracking
Apple Limit App Store Interest- based Ads
Apple and Android Rest Mobile Advertising Identifier

Unwanted Cell Phone Calls

- Protecting your Cell Phone Number

National Do Not Call list:

       - May not be 100% successful.

Use your phone’s call blocking features

- Create a separate call-forwarding number

- Provide this number instead of your cell number