Special Business Types

The City of Menifee requires that any person engaged in business within the City of Menifee (or its boundaries) to obtain a business license. The following business types are categorized as 'Special Business Types' and are subject to a background investigation through the Menifee Police Department in addition to a business license.

Special Business Types are businesses that are required to undergo special investigation, review, and/or regulation in order to ensure the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare of the community.

Special Business Types

Special Business Types must comply with business requirements for all business types in addition to Special Business Types requirements. 

All business license renewal applications submitted after the effective date of this chapter (July 1, 2022) shall comply with all requirements in this chapter unless otherwise exempted. 

For background investigations, please contact the Menifee Police Department front desk at: 

  • 951-723-1500 or visit us in person at 29714 Haun Road, Menifee, Ca 92586
  • Follow the link to download the "Request for Livescan Service" Form 
    • Please Note: A business license application must be submitted to the Finance Department prior to submitting for a livescan. 

For business license applications or inquiries, please contact the Finance Department at:

  • 951-723-3786 or visit us in person at 29844 Haun Road, Menifee, Ca 92586

To read the full revisions to Chapter 5.01 of the City of Menifee Municipal Code "Business License & Regulation Program" click below: