LU-2 Economic Development Corridors

Economic Development Corridors

Freeways are prominent public spaces that exert significant and lasting impacts on the neighborhoods, cities, and regions they traverse. Interstate 215 bisects the City of Menifee and is a primary transportation corridor for city residents and businesses. The city has identified the properties next to I-215 as Economic Development Corridors that provide important opportunities to stimulate new economic development opportunities and provide a positive visual image of Menifee. These areas are a "window" into the community and can reflect the economic success and vitality of the city. The properties were identified as areas that could accommodate new growth desired by the city, which would also help to ensure that the rural and residential nature of Menifee's existing neighborhoods can be preserved.

Because the EDC designation spans approximately 2,600 acres distributed throughout the city, it is important that each area develop a distinct identity from the others. To prevent nondescript, disjointed development of EDC areas, additional guidance has been provided in the Land Use Background Document and Definitions. The preferred mix of uses envisioned for each area is illustrated in Exhibit LU-b2: Economic Development Corridor Subareas.


  • LU-2: Thriving Economic Development Corridors that accommodate a mix of nonresidential and residential uses that generate activity and economic vitality in the city.


  • LU-2.1: Promote infill development that complements existing neighborhoods and surrounding areas. Infill development and future growth in Menifee is strongly encouraged to locate within EDC areas to preserve the rural character of rural, estate, and small estate residential uses.
  • LU-2.2: Encourage vertical and horizontal integration of uses where feasible on properties in EDCs.
  • LU-2.3: Identify opportunities to link the city's educational and medical facilities, such as Mount San Jacinto College and the Regional Medical Center, to complementary uses in EDCs.
  • LU-2.4: Actively support development of cultural, education, and entertainment facilities in EDCs and utilize these venues to generate a unique identity for the city in Southwest Riverside County.

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