Circulation ELement C-2 Bicycles & Pedestrians

Only areas below are considered part of the General Plan.

Bicycles & Pedestrians

The Menifee Bikeway and Community Pedestrian Network (Exhibit C-4) works in conjunction with the Menifee General Plan Roadway Network to provide a framework for key routes and facilities that will enhance connectivity for all users. The layered networks enable travel by various modes to schools, civic, and county facilities, hospitals, libraries, major parks and recreation areas, colleges, malls and other retail centers, and employment districts. In Menifee, walking and bicycling contribute to an efficient mode of transportation and promote a healthy lifestyle. Development patterns; a mix of land uses; and the design of our roadways, buildings, and development sites are an integral part of the pedestrian and bicycle system.


  • C-2: A bikeway and community pedestrian network that facilitates and encourages nonmotorized travel throughout the City of Menifee.


  • C-2.1: Require on- and off-street pathways to:
    • Comply with federal, state, and local design and safety standards.
    • Meet the needs of multiple types of users (families, commuters, recreational beginners, exercise experts) and meet ADA standards and guidelines.
    • Be compatible with the streetscape and surrounding land uses.
    • Be maintained in accordance with best practices.
  • C-2.2: Provide off-street multipurpose trails and on-street bike lanes as our primary paths of citywide travel, and explore the shared use of low speed roadways for connectivity wherever it is safe to do so.
  • C-2.3: Require walkways that promote safe and convenient travel between residential areas, businesses, schools, parks, recreation areas, transit facilities, and other key destination points.
  • C-2.4: Explore opportunities to expand the pedestrian and bicycle networks; this includes consideration of utility easements, drainage corridors, road rights-of-way, and other potential options.
  • C-2.5: Work with the Western Riverside Council of Governments to implement the Non-Motorized Transportation Plan for Western Riverside County.