economic development element ED-2: Retail Development

Only areas below are considered part of the General Plan.

Retail Development


  • ED-2: A variety of retail shopping areas distributed strategically throughout the City and regional retail, dining, and entertainment destinations in key locations with freeway access.


  • ED-2.1: Promote retail development by locating needed goods and services in proximity to where residents live to improve quality of life, retain taxable spending by Menifee residents, and attract residents from outside the city to shop in Menifee.
    • Locate businesses providing convenience goods and services in retail centers that are on arterials adjacent to neighborhoods and communities throughout the city but not in rural residential areas.
    • Encourage comparison goods businesses to locate in larger retail centers located on major arterials near freeway interchanges, because businesses that provide comparison goods tend to draw customers from larger areas.
  • ED-2.2: Require regional retail districts to provide entertainment and dining in addition to retail sales and services to create destinations prepared to withstand e-commerce's increasing capture of retail spending. These districts should create a pedestrian-friendly human-scale atmosphere with street furniture, shading, and gathering spaces that enhance the experience of shopping and socializing.

Local retail centers (primarily intended to serve Menifee residents) need not necessarily provide dining and entertainment but shall provide street furniture, shading, pedestrian-circulation, and gathering spaces that enhance the experience of shopping.