Residential Organics Recycling


State law (SB1383) requires businesses to establish recycling and organics collection services.  

These laws apply to all business types including for-profit, non-profit, multifamily residential properties, government offices and industrial facilities. 


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  1. Why Recycle Organics?
  2. What Goes Where?
  3. Food Scraps Collection Tips
  4. Need a Food Scraps Container?
  5. Multi-family Properties
  6. How is the City Helping You?
why-recycle-organics-sign-2Did you know that methane released from decomposing organic waste in our landfills is more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide?
Methane is a large contributor to climate change issues such as:


To address this issue, California has set the goal of reducing organic waste in our landfills by 75% by 2025 with the new law, SB 1383. This law will help to both recycle and recover organic waste, helping to decrease greenhouse gas emissions!

Recycled Organics has multiples uses:


Compost is used in agriculture (no need for fertilizer, pesticides, and it's renewable!)


Anaerobic digestion liquifies organic material to create biofuel.

Recovered Organics means limiting food waste:


More food is donated to families in need through food recovery programs. Visit  Menifee Valley Community Cupboard to learn about the cities edible food recovery and donation programs. 

For more information about the law, visit


Pro tip: check the lid! Sorting instructions are sometimes listed on your waste bin lids. Pick up a fridge sticker at our next city event.


Yard waste, food scraps and spoiled or uneaten food and & used paper 



Traditional dry recycling collection



Non-recyclable landfill trash collection


Don't let your efforts go to waste.

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To reduce trips to your cart, collect food scraps in a tightly closed container in your kitchen. An old yogurt or ice cream tub with a lid makes a great no cost container! Or consider buying a special silicone food scraps bin for your freezer!

Worried about odors and flies? No need to fear! A well-maintained kitchen container for scraps should not lead to any unwanted odors or fliers as long as you follow our tips:



Learn More:

Riverside County Department of Waste Resources- Food Waste and Food Rescue
Basic Composting Techniques With Menifee Ranger Ingraham


Visit the City of Menifee's office to pick up a FREE kitchen pail* today.

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Address29995 Evans Rd, Menifee, CA 92532
Phone: (951)672-6777

OR Look for us at your next local community event to receive your FREE kitchen pail!


*While supplies last.


By law, multi-family properties are required to provide their tenants with recycling and organics collection services and information. Reach out to your property landlord to ensure they are aware.

Need a consultation? 

Consultations are free through Menifee Business Assistance Program. Also make sure to visit our  Commercial Recycling Page to learn more about your bin set up, bin signage, and training requirements.

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The City understands the strain that even the smallest additional monthly expense can have on vulnerable households. This is why Menifee has worked with our hauler, Waste Management, to phase in bill increases:

  • Menifee Residents will see the new expense phased in over a period of two years. See current rates here.
  • Menifee Senior Residents will see the new expense phased in over a period of three year
  • All Residents may be eligible to request an extra recycling cart from their local waste hauler at no extra charge.
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