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Dear Film Permit Applicant,

Welcome to the City of Menifee, we are excited to work together to make your filming process smooth in our city. The information below is about the City of Menifee Film Permit Application and process. Please complete and return the application with a legible map, clearly marking the specific locations(s) you wish to use. 

The completed application, application fee (must be received 3-5 days prior), filming insurance certificate(s), letter(s) of endorsement, and a map must be received by out office before the application can be processed. It is important to list all of the props to be used and detailed description of all activities. You must list all equipment, stunts, pyrotechnic, explosive devices, drones, helicopters, any aircraft, etc. planned to be utilized in your shoot. 

The application and accompanied documents must be signed by the applicant named on the application.

We look forward to working with you!
Menifee Film Office Team

Interested in filming in Menifee? Download the application below.

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Please contact our office once a location has been chosen in Menifee to determine the availability of the location. 

If you have any other questions, please contact:
Menifee Film Office (Inland Empire Film Services) (909) 460-8100 x101 or

Menifee City Hall (951) 672-6777 or