What do I need to do to have a temporary outdoor event?

The city has adopted an ordinance with regard to minor and major temporary uses of private property.

There are 2 applications that are required: the Temporary Outdoor Event Application and the accompanying Fire Department Special Event Permit (click here for more information).

You are required to prepare a site plan and complete both applications (except for the case number). Submit the applications and exhibits to the Planning Department at City Hall with the required fees. Please submit your Temporary Outdoor Event Application a minimum of 60 days prior to the start of the event. 

Once you submit your application, you will be given a case number. Take your exhibit and the sign off sheets attached to the Temporary Outdoor Event Application to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and Riverside County Environmental Health Department to obtain approval. The City of Menifee will automatically forward your application to the Building and Safety Department, the Engineering Department, and the Fire Department.

The ordinance requires a security deposit to cover staff time in the event that there is trash or damage to city property.The security deposit required is typically $1,500 and must be deposited prior to the approval of the project. A full refund of the security deposit will be provided after the event if there was no damage to city property or clean up required.

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