Can I run a business from my residence?

There are two types of businesses that can be based out of a residence: home occupations and home based businesses. These uses include a commercial or service activity conducted at a dwelling, incidental and accessory to the residential use of the dwelling which does not change the character of the dwelling or surrounding area by generating more traffic, noise, odor or storage of materials not normally found in a residential zone. 

Home occupations generally include an administrative office within an existing dwelling on the property with minimal storage needs. Home occupations are allowed in all residential zones. Businesses that are an administrative office only and are in compliance with any additional requirements in the ordinance listed below can submit for a home occupation at the following link (fees may apply): Business License Portal

Home Based Businesses can operate within the existing residence, outside or within a partially enclosed structure. Home based businesses are only allowed in Rural Residential zones. Please refer to the home based business ordinance below prior to submitting an application (fees may apply). Applications can be submitted online through the Menifee Permit Portal or by sending the application and any other requested documents to the Planning Division: Email

Additional regulations can be found in the City of Menifee Municipal Code or at the following link:

Home occupations/Home Based Business Ordinance

Home Based Business Application

For additional information, please contact the Planning Division at 951-723-3741 or by email.

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